Immersive showroom

Immersive showroom

We create virtual showrooms to describe the product catalog in an engaging and emotional way.

Explore your products in an innovative way

The Immersive Showroom is a virtual experience that replicates a physical environment, allowing users to explore and interact with products or environments in an engaging way. Through the use of 3D technologies, immersive showrooms allow users to have an experience similar to that of being physically present in a given space, even if they are in different locations.

This technology allows users to explore details, interact with items, and gain deeper understanding without having to be physically present. This approach is particularly useful in industries such as architecture, design, real estate, retail and others where detailed and immersive visualization is essential.



Our 3D Virtual Showroom is a revolutionary platform that goes beyond the traditional presentation of products, opening up new possibilities to engage and amaze customers. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we don’t simply offer a virtual space, but an open door to engaging and emotional experiences.

Imagine being able to present your catalog in a completely new way, making each product accessible with an unprecedented level of detail. Customers will not only see your products, but they can explore them interactively, personalize them in real time, and even view them in the context of their daily lives. This is the transformation we offer, taking the purchase from a transaction to a memorable experience.

The ability to explore products from every angle, make instant changes, and even virtually experience owning a particular product opens up new horizons for customer engagement. This interactivity not only captures attention, but creates a deeper connection between the customer and the brand.

This approach is not only a revolution in the way we present products, but directly translates into a significant increase in conversion opportunities. Customers who experience an engaging, personalized experience are more likely to convert, as their emotional connection with the product translates into stronger engagement.

Ultimately, our 3D Virtual Showroom is not just an advanced presentation tool, but a strategy to transform the purchasing process into an interactive, exciting and, above all, memorable experience. We connect brands to their customers in entirely new ways, defining the future of e-commerce.


  • Immersive Exploration
  • Total customization
  • Access at any time

Ambiti di applicazione

  • E-commerce: Creating virtual showrooms for online stores, allowing shoppers to explore products in detail before purchasing.
  • Fashion and Clothing: Presentation of collections through virtual experiences, showing details of fabrics, designs and styles.
  • Furnishings: Creation of virtual environments in which users can view furniture and furnishing accessories in the domestic context.
  • Automotive: Creating virtual showrooms for vehicles, allowing potential buyers to explore interiors and exteriors in detail.
  • Technology Sector: Presentation of electronic devices and gadgets through 3D experiences, highlighting functionality and design.
  • Jewelry: Showcase intricate details and unique jewelry designs through a virtual display.
  • Sports and Outdoor Equipment: Presentation of sports equipment and clothing via virtual showroom, highlighting functionality and design.
  • Cosmetics and Beauty: Immersive experiences to showcase cosmetic products, highlighting textures, colors and applications


Sending Materials:

Share your product details and the key messages you want to communicate through the animation. We develop a detailed storyboard and generate a custom quote based on the work required. It will be the basis for creating the animation.

Personalized Quote:

Based on the type of work requested, we will develop a personalized quote adapted to your needs. This will give you clarity on costs before the project begins.

Review and Feedback:

Receive previews of the animation in progress and provide detailed feedback. We ensure that every aspect of the animation accurately reflects your vision

Finalization and Delivery:

Once the date has been agreed, we will proceed with the execution of the project and guarantee delivery by the established date. We are committed to respecting the agreed deadlines to meet your expectations.
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