VR & AR Applications

VR & AR Applications

We create virtual and augmented reality applications to enhance your products or services.

Explore your products in an innovative way

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are immersive technologies that integrate the digital world with the real environment or create a completely new one. VR transports users into virtual worlds through devices such as glasses or headsets, offering totally immersive experiences. In contrast, AR overlays virtual elements on the real world through devices such as smartphones or smart glasses, enriching the user’s perception.

Companies face challenges in effectively implementing technical training, prototyping, ergonomic and product style analysis. Furthermore, presenting products through traditional techniques may not capture the audience’s attention.



Our virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offering represents a milestone in marketing and product presentation innovation. We are committed to designing unique, tailor-made solutions that go beyond our customers’ expectations. Customization is our cornerstone, as we recognize that each customer has distinct needs and objectives.

When it comes to VR, we transport users into immersive and stimulating virtual worlds, taking advantage of advanced devices such as headsets and glasses. This fully immersive experience allows customers to explore products in a virtual environment, bringing concepts and ideas to life in a realistic way.

On the other hand, AR overlays digital elements on the real world, transforming traditional vision into something extraordinary. This technology is invaluable in industries such as retail, where shoppers can interact with products directly on their device screen, improving understanding and purchasing decisions.

Our attention to detail and personalized approach allow us to create engaging experiences, whether for product presentations, technical training, or any other specific need. Every element of the VR or AR experience is designed to align with the client’s business objectives, ensuring a tangible return on investment.

Furthermore, we focus on the versatility of our solutions. Whether presenting a product in a corporate meeting or offering an accessible AR application on smartphones, our offering is flexible and adaptable to a variety of scenarios and devices.

Ultimately, we are committed to providing virtual and augmented reality solutions that exceed expectations, integrating customization, visual quality and versatility into every project. We are here to transform our customers’ visions into extraordinary digital experiences.


  • Total immersion
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Personalization of the Interaction

Areas of application

Technical Training: VR simulations for advanced technical training in sectors such as medicine, manufacturing, and engineering.
Virtual Prototyping: Creation of virtual prototypes in a VR environment to evaluate the design and functionality of products.
Ergonomic Analysis: Using VR to evaluate the ergonomics of products, improving comfort and usability.
Style and Design Analysis: Exploration of products in VR & AR to evaluate their style and design in a virtual context.
Immersive Marketing: Creating immersive marketing experiences through VR & AR, capturing audience attention.
Captivating Product Presentations: Using  VR & AR to present products in an engaging way, emphasizing details and functionality.
Virtual Tours: Creation of virtual tours of environments, buildings or products for marketing purposes or presentations.
Visualization of Complex Data: Using AR to visualize complex data intuitively.
Military Simulations: VR applications for training and simulating complex military scenarios.
VR Shopping Experiences: Implementation of virtual shopping experiences for fashion and design products.


Initial and preventive briefing:

Share your project details and desired goals. We will analyze the best virtual or augmented reality solutions to achieve your goals and provide you with a quote.

Concept development and prototype:

We collaborate in defining an engaging and customized concept for the application. This includes the choice between virtual or augmented reality, depending on your specific needs. We create a prototype of the application to allow you to visualize the initial experience

Test and review:

We conduct extensive testing to ensure that the application meets quality standards and your expectations. We provide previews and collect feedback for possible adjustments.

Finalization and Delivery:

Once we have your final approval, we proceed with finalizing the application and managing the deployment or integration, ensuring a smooth transition.
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